Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Started the trailer frame! It has begun!

 Most people, when building their tiny house on wheels purchase a flatbed trailer and build the house on top of that. Well, I can't afford a $3000 trailer right now but luckily and thankfully my dad has all this scrap metal, a cutting torch, a welding machine, and the space to tackle such a project. It's made from 9" c-channel steel and could weigh about 1200-1500 lbs. when complete. We also have the two 6000# mobile home axles, tires, hangers, and the tongue ready to be put on but we haven't gotten that far yet. The size is an 8x24 trailer, of what my dad would call, 'glorious independence!'
                 This is me splicing together some of those c-channel pieces. And relearning how to weld!
                                                                 Me grinding to prep for more welding.
                                                                                     More grinding.


  1. I love this. I can envision a small solar panel display, for electricity, in the future. Hey, what about a DIY t.v show? The best of both worlds--getting paid to show others how it can be done. I love your TinyHouse. Keep the good karma flowing.

    1. That's the plan! Solar, wind, and generator and battery backup hybrid system. It's gonna rock! A tv show huh? Lol. Maybe way down the line when I know I got this off the grid thing down. Karma flowing!