Friday, July 26, 2013

So Close!!

The house is very close to being finished. I am getting down to the fine detail point and also waiting for some things to come in the mail. My roll of wallpaper finally came in today! Turns out my neighbors had it. I had to special order that wallpaper. I had bought one roll a few years ago and completed one wall with it. Turns out this particular wallpaper has been discontinued and one Lowes in Dallas had 5 rolls left! I got really lucky. So when I get that up the house will really be looking complete. But here are a bunch of random projects I have been working on for a few months. Enjoy!

I am mostly finished with the back but still have some trim pieces I have to have custom made. Got the windows to the power closet painted but still need to stamp fluer de lis on the to window panes.

The couch/ottomans/bed/storage.

This bench/temporary tv stand use to be a tall night stand that I turned on its side and made this funky little thing.

Upholstered couch/ottomans/bed. Underneath the cushions some panels flip out at the feet and at the head to lengthen for sleeping. Or you can split it in two and put a table in between for dining.

Shot from front door.

This is the top step of the stairs that doubles as a chair for the floating desk/office. I finally upholstered it from a pillow.

Stairs and chair. The pole supports the floating desk.

Closet space. Dirty clothes hamper.

New doors for closet open.

Closet doors closed. Made from whitewood and straw beach matts.

Hamper closed.

Made wire baskets out of  chicken wire to hold my fruits and veggies for juicing. Unfortunately I dropped my juicer and broke it :(


New cabinet door made out of whitewood and straw beach matts.

Bookcases and shelf over the door. Uncompleted left wall now ready for that wallpaper. It's going to look just like the right wall. Got the idea from gypsy wagon's interior walls and ceilings.

The widest shot I could get from the porch at night.

My new toilet! Thetford portable toilet. It uses a biodegradable liquid to break down solids into liquid form. I then built a solar evaporative septic system. So the liquids just evaporate and never get into the ground. Works great no smell! Also has a battery powered flushing system. No more sawdust bucket toilet! Hallelujah!!

Miss Rebecca Posey hemmed my curtains for me! It looks so much nicer and feels more secure and private at night. Thanks Rebecca!

Trimmed up more around the sink and added this little display shelf. I'm thinking candles or something.

Added some oak underneath the sink and an open shelf on the left between the sink and the file cabinet. More to be done with all that.

All lights off except the rear light at the end of the hall.

Sammy found yet another spot to sleep. The bathroom sink. Awe :)

Sammy looking like the cool dude he is!
More to come! I will finally be done soon but there are many more projects after the house is finished to get started with. Outdoor deck, firepit, some fencing, outdoor bathtub, cob oven, methane digester, clearing land, tilling and planting the farm for fall, new chickens, greenhouse made from old boat for seed starting, generator and battery backup system, and much much more. And it will all be documented right here!!

Wish me luck!