Friday, January 13, 2012

Basic Interior Plans

Main Floor

Sleeping Loft

I stumbled upon a design website today so I thought I would give it a try and draw the basic layout of my tiny house.The website is called Urban Barn-Online Room Planner. 

So the structure is 8x24 complete with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, front porch, and a sleeping loft. 
Let's start with the front porch and work our way in. The front porch is going to be very small with just enough room for a few chairs. The entrance is going to be either double glass french doors, a glass sliding door or I also had the cool idea today to make the whole front wall and entrance out of a garage door. That way I could open an entire wall on those nice fall or spring days. But I will have to decide what's best and what my wallet can handle. I also had the thought of putting in a single glass door that way on one side of the front wall there could be a double fireplace inserted in the wall so you could see the fireplace from the front porch and from the inside! Let me know what you think would be coolest!

When you walk through the entrance to the living area there will be spaces for sitting, a fireplace/cast iron stove of some sort, dining and entertaining type stuff (pico projector for TV and computer, music recording gear, instruments). The furniture that I put in this design is not necessarily what it will eventually look like but that is what was in the design template. I probably won't decide that until the house is near completion.  Those of you that know me also know that I am a musician and my tiny house will also function as a tiny recording studio. And for that reason, if I can afford it, the house will have cork floors. Which functions as a sound absorbing material plus cork is very sustainable and comfortable to walk on.

When you reach the middle of the house you will be able to see the ladder to climb up to the loft on the right, and a bookcase/storage system behind the ladder. Then you will be able to walk straight into the kitchen which will be stocked with a LP stove top, double sink, LP/electric fridge, and storage. Across from the kitchen will be a large 9' long sliding glass door that will go into the bathroom which also doubles as the shower door. The shower will be surround by corrugated aluminium panels and the shower floor will be wooden designed like a Japanese bathroom. Next to the shower will be the composting toilet. On the side behind the toilet will be a small but tall door which can access the closet/storage area that backs up to the bathroom. 

Now up the ladder to the sleeping loft. The loft will have a queen size bed with storage on both sides of the bed as well as at the foot of the bed. There will be enough headroom to sit up comfortably but not stand. A nice comfortable spot to sleep with a small window in the gable to look out of at night. 

The only part of the house that I have not mentioned is what I call the power closet. I didn't draw this into the design because the template I used didn't have the right tools to include it. The closet will actually be on the outside of the house (on the trailer tongue) at the rear behind the kitchen and bathroom. The power closet includes things like the electrical control panel, propane tanks, batteries, backup propane water heater, water and 30amp hookups, charge controller, inverter, etc. 

From the design blueprints up top you might not be able to see precisely what the inside of the house will look like, but hopefully I have painted enough of a picture in words for you to imagine what it will look like. And if not...then when I get closer to completion I will have lots of pictures and videos and then you will hopefully understand what is stirring around in my mind right now!

Please keep following my progress! Much more to come!


  1. I love your ideas very much. I too am hoping one day to build an 8x24 tiny house on a trailer. I'm not a recording musician, but I'm a musician nonetheless, having played piano since the age of 4. As such, my plans have to be laid out such that my piano will fit. I enjoy the variety of keyboards out there, but there's no replacing the authentic, timbral sounds reverberating from the cherry wood, studio upright I've played from the beginning. :)

    I used the same tool you did to draw out my concept and have also included a bunch of other inspirations. I've put it all together in a picasa web photo album. Feel free to take a look if you like.


    1. I like your design. Those staircases in the other photos are cool. I have seen those too and considered them in my design. However they are too expensive for now. I have an upright piano and want very much to be able to fit it in the house. It is very heavy though and I don't know my total weight of the trailer yet. But I would to have to get rid of it but I might have to:( thanks for reading and keep me updated on your house!

    2. Perhaps you can get heavier duty axles, etc. for the trailer you're building (sorry, i don't know the proper terminology) that would support the added weight of the piano? That's where I'm starting -- piano or bust!!! lol


    3. If I do have I would just have to add another axle. That could be difficult but that's what would have to be done.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a garage door at the end of the house, I wish I would have thought of that! So many good ideas in here, great job keep it up!