Monday, January 21, 2013

One Day at a Time

It has been since the end of September since my last post and wanted to update my blog but things just get in the way does procrastination. On those days of procrastinating I try to remember this: "I will do one thing today! What will that one 'thing' be?" Could be putting in one board or it could be an entire project that takes all day. I just try to make a list and hopefully I will complete that task for the day. It makes finishing the house more manageable. But here is a list of what I have done in the past few months: Flash and batt insulation in the ceiling, metal ceiling, oak vaults, wall underlayment, wall insulation, some kitchen installations, wood trimming for loft, shelves for mason jars, closet and sock drawer, ceiling/loft shelf for the shower, last step on the loft stairs, bathroom/under loft door, stove pedestal, porch screen doors, rain gutter, acquired some reclaimed aluminum scraps, and I continue to dwindle down my belongings into trash, goodwill/give to friends, or keep.

Inch of rigid foam. "Flash"

R13 insulation. "Batt"

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Ceiling underlayment. 5mm ply.


R13 wall insulation. Don't buy the pink stuff, it stinks! It took a week or two till the smell went away. Buy the white.

Bathroom floor. Reclaimed oak.

Mostly done ceiling underlayment.

Oak on the vaults.

Corrugated ceiling going up.

Front view

Front metal ceiling

Both vaults in and foam in the front wall installed.

Wall underlayment

View at night.

Reclaimed material on front wall.

And trimmed.

Vaults trimmed with the reclaimed metal.

Reclaimed metal from the storage facility I was using.

Everything is trimmed up! Looking pretty slick!

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Picked up this little potbelly stove for $75 at a local antique shop. Just needs the rust to be taken off and need to  buy stove pipes.


under loft/ bathroom door made out of two reclaimed windows. The door has double duty, it  can close off just the bathroom or it can completely close off the entire space under the loft to expand the bathroom to have more room to move around with complete privacy. Eventually I will put mirrors in the window panes to reflect light to give the idea of more space and for privacy.

Between the windows is a shelf on the inside of the door.

I wire brushed it and got the stove pretty clean but it still needs to be sandblasted.

The pointy ends of the oak vaults are trimmed with metal. I still haven't finished trimming it up completely.

Pedestal built for the outdoor stove/oven/grill. Now I don't have to bend down anymore to cook!

Two kitchen cabinets installed on back of the shower. Also my dad gave me this vintage metal file cabinet.  perfect for utensils and miscellaneous items. Either going to put a butcher block counter top or stainless steel. The little basket hanging down is going to be the sink light.

My clothes have somewhere to hang!

The all important acoustic guitar amp installed under the stairs.

Final step on stairs.

Closet-clothes hanging, drawer, and dirty clothes basket. Don't worry it's not done yet.

Shelves for mason jars. Reclaimed cypress.

Trimmed up loft. Reclaimed wood from an art cargo box. Got it free from an art gallery. There was about $100 of good wood on those things. Art galleries are great places to find unwanted cargo boxes.

"Chair" at the top of the stairs! I made the last step of the stairs bigger than the rest so it could also be a chair. There will be a fold down desk and a drawer under the chair to hold supplies and a cup holder. This is going to be my 'office'. 

Top of the shower is also a shelf to put things on in the loft.

Top of shower from the inside.

Reclaimed wood to trim up the top of the shelves. I think I am going to paint all of this brown.

The top of the shower and shelf is also a perfect spot to put a fan to help circulate the air. When the heat is on it rises and doesn't circulate well throughout the house fast enough. The fan takes that hot air from the loft and gets it to me very quickly.

I tried to get the best interior shot I could of most of the inside but I need to get a wide angle lens for my camera. Sorry some pics are sideways but I cannot find an edit feature on this blog to rotate the pics.

Metal pieces in the center of the shelves came out of the filing cabinet.

Finally got my galvalume gutter custom made. It made a tremendous difference. The  rain was hitting the edge of my porch and splashing back towards the door. The porch was constantly wet. And when the rain didn't stop for three weeks straight I had to go get this gutter. Turned out nice! I still need the downspout.

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First screen door up. This will be an additional defense on the rain.

Two doors open.

Two doors closed.

I will fill in the gap above the doors with screen.

Screen doors from the inside.

Nice shot of the house before the sun went down/

Turnbuckle and wire on an angle to help support the door.

My neighbors dog Jack. He likes to hang around.

The other end of the wire.

I didn't go into incredible detail about every single process this time. There was just too much. So if anyone has a question feel free to ask away! I hope that I can get a lot of work done in the next few months. I would love to be done by March. Fingers crossed!

Wish me luck!!