Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Things I Have Learned From my Father

The title should be what hasn't my father taught me!  I have learned so much from him that I didn't even realize the amount and wealth of information and know how I have accumulated from him. That is until this past year of building my house.  Every cut I make, every time I measure something, every time I do something wrong and think about not redoing it…I can hear him say, ‘Make sure you account for the thickness of the blade before you cut’ or ‘Nope, we didn't do it right we have to rip it out and do it again.’ And I would always be thinking in my head, ‘Oh come on dad it looks fine.’ But when he spoke those words to me many years ago I didn't have my head in the game. I just wanted to do something else. Probably play my guitar or watch TV or something. Not realizing at the time that he was trying to give me this knowledge. Though I was listening and helping him with his projects I wasn't appreciating the fact that he was trying to pass down the knowledge and experience he had learned from his father, in essence, his DNA. But somehow that DNA got stuck in me and laid dormant in me all these years until I realized I needed it more than ever.

The biggest thing I have learned from my father is work ethic. How to work efficiently by anticipating the next move or three moves of the project or what tools would be needed to see a project through from start to finish. How to be a good helper and know what wrench or screwdriver he would need next. I knew I had done well working with him that day if he said I was a good helper. And it did make me feel good when he said that. It made the whole day of working NONstop seem worth it somehow. :)

All those times I can remember him saying come watch me or help me change these brakes or change the oil, or build these cabinets, pressure wash the deck, put in this toilet, or whatever. HE taught me how to build this house. As tiny as it may be, I assure you, it is a monumental task. Every cut made, hole drilled, and chalk line popped, I assure you, my father had his hand in creating this home. It is only through my father’s eyes that I am able to see. Through his vision I have grown into a capable man with the ability to dream, plan, design, and execute that dream into a reality. And for that I am eternally grateful and in your debt. So I say to you, on this day, I love you and happy father’s day!

Your son

P.S.- Contrary to what many may believe you can’t learn everything from YouTube! J


  1. Awesome that you realized how much influence your dad has been in your life. I wish mine was still here to tell this to. I so enjoy doing things myself. I'd rather learn by doing, than merely pay someone else to do it. Plus with the money saved, I can do more projects... :) Someday those skills learned may be what helps you survive in a time of need.


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