Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back at it!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It took me the whole month of May to get moved out of my house and settled at a friends temporarily for the summer. Plus I have been doing some extensive research and planning because I keep coming up with new ideas for the house. So that brings on new sets of questions that I have to find answers for. So I am trying not to rush anything to prevent me from doing something wrong and having to start a project over again. Basically, this is a series of pictures on the installation of the front porch. I also put furring strips on the roof and on some of the sides to prep for the metal roof and siding. I also purchased some of the metal and have started the roof, purchased two 7,000 lb. stabilizer jacks to go near the tongue for added stability (they have to be permanently welded on), and purchased my bathroom door(random I know but this is how things happen!). My friend Adrienne also gave me some of her kitchen cabinets because she is redoing her kitchen. Have I mentioned I love free stuff!!

Furring strips to prepare for metal siding.

The front porch has begun!

The aluminum panels are vents usually used for attics. I had them laying around from a project at my old house. I think it's going to look cool.

 Used decking to go up the sides.

The thing that looks like a window is actually just going to be a shelf because I am putting a stove/oven/grill right below that.

Same thing on the other side.

Shelves are trimmed in!

 Now for the decking on the ceiling.

I decided on cedar board and batten siding,
Found this at The Green Project in NOLA. Brand new sliding glass shower doors for $75! This is going to be the door to the bathroom.

Done with the boards now for the battens and trim.

Boarded, battened, and trimmed!

First few rows of metal roof are on. This metal is called 5V Crimp. I chose this because it's the closest thing that looks like standing seam roofing without having to buy the crimping tool. You just screw it in through the ridges not the valleys and on some of the flat parts.

Not going to stain or paint the cedar. I am just going to let in grey naturally. But I might stain or just seal the decking on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the porch.


All in all, I like how it turned out. It is cool and modern looking to me. And everyone I have shown seems to like it so it is a success I guess. Let me know what you think!

Next things on the list is to get those jacks welded on, metal roofing and siding, steel cable X-bracing inside walls and ceiling, 3 windows installed, electrical and plumbing, and spray foam insulation. If I can at least get all of that done I can move into the house and finish it from there. I have till labor day to get that much done(hopefully more!) because that is when I will no longer be able to stay where I am at now.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Looking good. Nice job :) Love the porch!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Was starting to think no one liked it. :)

    2. I like how the porch turned out a lot as well. It gives nice shade from sun/rain but also lets the breeze through. I like the v crimp roofing as well. I think it gives a neat look thats a little different from the standard R-panel/corrugated. If you have any construction questions I'd be happy to help if you need anything. I do construction for a living. Just email me at if you have anything you need help with. Sometimes it just helps to have a different perspective. I'm also wanting to build my own tiny house in the next year or so and put it on some land down by the beach.
      Good luck,

    3. thanks for the comment. will email you if I have any questions!!